Dietzen Starts Company with Commitment to Family and Balance in Life

It wasn’t long ago that Katherine Dietzen, daughter of TBE employee Anita Hand, had her hands full balancing a full-time, demanding job and raising four children with her husband, Farid.

She thought there had to be a better way to be successful, yet have more workplace flexibility to meet growing family responsibilities.  After scoping out the market, Katherine came to the conclusion that no such place existed, so she set out to create one.

The endeavor wasn’t easy at first.  Katherine resigned from her job at a small medical-education firm and took the leap into entrepreneurship, starting her own New York City-based, full-service medical education company – MedEdNow – with only one other employee assisting herself.  Her main goal was to create and implement programs for healthcare providers in hospitals and private practices, but her business also offered assistance in organizing and promoting advisory boards, speaker training programs, and Web education programs – all while fulfilling her commitment of a good work/home balance in life.

It was a slow climb the first year with little help and almost no income, but her client base slowly but surely continued to grow.  With her business showing signs of success, Katherine decided to expand by buying another medical education company inNew York City.  Now, her company has two separate divisions, earns over $9 million in gross revenue annually, and employs 26 diverse and talented people.

“By giving people the freedom to work from home yet maintain tight communication with those working from the office, employees can stay on top of their work and be on hand for their families,” said Katherine.  “I also like to constantly challenge my employees to grow, and I never hold them back, which all ultimately results in a healthier, more satisfied, productive employee and parent.”

Katherine’s approach to achieving success in business today has not gone unnoticed.  March magazine recently featured Katherine and her   company in their entrepreneurs section, highlighting her work philosophy and path to success.

Katherine continues to strive to make her workplace one that family-oriented, career-minded people will be drawn to.  In fact, people seek her company out and want to become a part of it because of the kind of work environment she has created for her employees.  Her company proves that there can be a happy and successful balance in life.

Note:  Katherine was born and raised in Huntsville.  She earned a BS in business marketing from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, and an MBA in marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  She was awarded a TBE Merit Student Scholarship and worked at the company four summers while in college.

Katherine Dietzen

Katherine Dietzen


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