Teledyne Brown Names Barnes 2012 Engineering Fellow


​​HUNTSVILLE, AL - December 15, 2011 - Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. today named Billy G. Barnes as an Engineering Fellow for 2012. Barnes, whose most significant contributions helped shape the current ballistic missile defense program, was selected as a Fellow for outstanding achievements spanning his 39-year career at Teledyne. Barnes is the 21st Fellow at the company.

​​The Fellows designation is the highest technical honor that Teledyne Brown grants. It is based upon exceptional technical achievements in the field of engineering and science and available only to current or former employees of the company.

​​"Billy's work in the forefront of the missile defense program was central to the growth of the program and our own company," said Rex D. Geveden, President, Teledyne Brown Engineering. "He is a recognized authority on infrared technology flight test programs and a passionate proponent for missile defense. Billy's career achievements are highly impressive, and it is most fitting that he be named a Fellow."

​​Barnes' contributions to missile defense began in the early 1970s when he was a system analyst for several infrared technology flight test programs. In the 1980s, he was the project manager for the program that achieved the first confirmed destruction of an incoming reentry vehicle. He later served as the technical lead for US Army Strategic Defense Command programs.

​​Barnes was also a guidance/control engineer for the Saturn, Pershing, Jupiter and Redstone missile systems. He also started and managed the first Test and Evaluation contract for Teledyne Brown and developed its first Test Lab.

​​Barnes received a Fellows pin and plaque. A duplicate plaque will be displayed in the Fellows Hall of Fame at the company. This is Teledyne Brown's ninth class of Fellows since the program's inception in 2004.