Teledyne Demonstrates Subsea Power System Technology for Sea Floor and Underwater Vehicles


HUNTSVILLE, AL. - February 19, 2019 - Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. announced today that it has successfully demonstrated its fuel cell power system (FCPS) at the Narragansett Bay Test Facility in Newport, Rhode Island, as well as at the General Atomics Subsea Power test facility in San Diego, California.  The demonstration at the Narragansett Bay Test Facility included powering a resident remote operated vehicle (ROV) while it performed ship husbandry activities such as ship hull inspections.  Fueling was simple and similar to fueling a fuel cell powered car with gaseous hydrogen.  The FCPS demonstration at General Atomics featured their Aluminum Power System (ALPS), which employs a solid-state reactant (hydrogen and oxygen) delivery system.  ALPS was able to supply reactants to the fuel cell while it powered an ROV that demonstrated UUV recharging capability.  The FCPS has also been integrated and tested with cryogenic liquid reactants.

The flexibility of the FCPS to use the best reactant source for any given application and its readiness to provide power for a range of marine applications is compelling.  “The work our team has done over the last 12 months to get this technology ready to meet the undersea power needs of key commercial and DoD applications has been remarkable” Mitch Icard, VP of Teledyne Energy Systems has reported.  “The fuel cell system technology originally developed for NASA application has found new missions in the marine world where power from the surface or battery is just not practical or cost effective.” 

“Fuel cells that use stored hydrogen and oxygen can often provide substantially more energy than batteries and be deployed anywhere power is needed, from sea floor oil and gas installations to on-board an underwater vehicle” observed Earl Childress, Executive Vice President at  Teledyne Marine.  “We are talking to customers around the world about their requirements so we can optimize this system for specific applications.”  Oil and gas assets on the sea floor and large underwater vehicles represent just two of these applications. 

Teledyne will be deploying the FCPS in a number of demonstrations worldwide.  One of the Teledyne fuel cell systems is at the FAA R&D lab in Atlantic City, New Jersey, under testing related to aircraft applications.  The ability to use the same fuel cell system across various markets allows Teledyne to develop robust fuel cell-based power systems for many applications.

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