Teledyne Energy Systems Selected to Perform Technology Development for Missions to the Moon and Mars


HUNT VALLEY, MD- June 19, 2018- Teledyne Energy Systems is one of 10 companies selected by NASA to develop advanced technologies to collect, process and use space-based resources to enable human missions to the Moon and Mars under Appendix D of the agency’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnership-2 (NextSTEP-2) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).  For this effort, NASA encouraged responders to find new applications for existing terrestrial technology that could result in lower costs for future human exploration missions in space. Teledyne Energy Systems has been selected to develop an impurity-tolerant electrolysis system to generate hydrogen and oxygen from water extracted from Lunar and Martian environments to sustain human life and fuel power systems.

“Teledyne Energy Systems is pleased to be  a part of the effort to provide options for advanced energy solutions for NASA,” said Mitch Icard, the company’s Vice President and General Manager.  “Our goal is to provide technologies that provide cost effective and efficient energy sources as we approach new frontiers in space.”

The in-situ resource utilization, or ISRU, solutions provided as part of the NextSTEP-2 are intended to support human space exploration missions by minimizing the need to launch supplies such as water, oxygen and fuel to locations of interest. Teledyne Energy Systems currently provides hydrogen gas generators for multiple environments and applications.  For the NASA Appendix D BAA, which requires corporate contributions from participants, the company will focus on an electrolyzer design that generates oxygen and fuel from water imbedded in Lunar and Martian soils.  The company’s efforts under Track 2 of the BAA could last up to three years and will result in a technology demonstration in a simulated space environment.

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