Gun Missile Module



Description of Work


The GMM is a modular weapon system that can easily be changed out to facilitate the incorporation of future weapon technologies. The GMM is an integral part of the LCS Surface Warfare Package that is used for counter-piracy, maritime interdiction, and security missions. Each mission package consists of two individual 30mm GMMs weapon systems that are fabricated, assembled, integrated, and tested in our Huntsville manufacturing facility.

Key assemblies and subassemblies of the LCS GMMs consist of the following:

• Electronic Berth

• Ammo Berth

• Remotely Operated Computer System

• Gun Remote Control

• Electrical Cables

• Power Distribution Panels

• Service Panels

• Barbette Subassembly

• Weather Shield

• Fire Annunciator and Suppression Systems.

After Production Following completion of each build, Teledyne integrates a MK46 gun turret furnished by the U.S. Navy on each of the GMMs and executes system validation and checkout. We also support NGC and the Navy in the performance Factory Acceptance Testing.​