Littoral Battlespace Sensing Glider (LBS-G)


United States Navy

Description of Work


The United States Navy awarded Teledyne as prime contractor to design, engineer, build, and deliver the Littoral Battlespace Sensing – Glider within the Littoral Battlespace Sensing Fusion and Integration (LBSF&I) Program. This glider is an unmanned, autonomous, low-energy consumption reconnaissance sensor platform used for gathering in-situ oceanographic data. The information collected is used to provide oceanographic data to both NAVOCEANO and Navy warfighters. Since the aware of this contract in 2010, Teledyne has delivered over 200 gliders, has thousands of hours of fly time. Teledyne has also initiated internal R&D to increase manufacturing efficiencies, sensor package hardware/firmware, and glider software. The final Engineering models delivered to the government either met or exceeded all key performance parameters. The Design and Development Phase was completed within schedule and budget. ​