AN/AQS-20 Mine-Hunting Sonar System


Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

Description of Work


Contracting under Raytheon Integrated Defense System, working for the U.S. Navy, Teledyne Brown produced several sections of the Sonar System. The AN/AQS-20 Mine-Hunting Sonar System uses five separate sonars in a compact lightweight and hydrodynamic towed body. The AN/AQS-20 is used to provide real time, computer-aided detection and classification against the full spectrum of mine threats. When the AN/AQS-20S algorithms locates a mine it automatically provides the operator with a visual image and contact data list.
For this contract, Teledyne provided tasks required to manufacture, assemble, integrate, and test the tail cone and midbody sections. This process required extensive five-axis milling. Also, electron beam welding, and ceramic bonding were used to ensure the integrity of the outer hull. Teledyne’s in-house QA performed no-destructing x-ray inspection as well as leak testing on the final product before it was delivered on schedule. ​