Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant (GCEP) Contract In 1980, Teledyne Brown Engineering was first awarded a contract to provide production equipment for a Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant being constructed in Piketon, Ohio. This U.S. Department of Energy project was considered to be one of the world’s largest fabrication and assembly projects and involved many national companies. TBE’s part in this project was to provide service module assemblies to equip the first processing building at the plant, which consisted of eight processing buildings, each of which housed several hundred of the service and aisle module assemblies. The major assemblies were 44 x 8 x 13 feet in size and were compared to the equivalent of 250 railroad cars strung together in each 7-acre building at the Piketon facility.

TBE’s Decatur Operations, previously a steel component and assembly facility for nuclear power plant fabrication, underwent a major “switchover” to accommodate the unique and high-quality welding requirements for GCEP. TBE not only succeeded in meeting the challenging first delivery deadline, but its shipment was the first production equipment to arrive at the plant in Piketon. Teledyne Brown’s success in this manufacturing area continued when the contract option for additional units was granted in 1982.

In April 2008 Teledyne Brown received a follow-on order from USEC, Inc. (NYSE: USU) to manufacture and deliver 540 gas centrifuge service modules. The modules are a key component of USEC’s new gas centrifuge uranium enrichment plant that will supply fuel for commercial nuclear power plants. Fluor is responsible for the engineering, procurement, and construction management of USEC’s American Centrifuge Plant in Piketon.