Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS)


United States Special Operations Command

Description of Work


The SWCS System is a manned combat submersible vehicle specifically designed to insert and extract Special Operation Forces in high-threat areas. USSOCOM oversees these elite military tactical teams from the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. Teledyne successfully developed a full-scale interior mockup of the SWCS vehicle and provided hullform models and a demonstration of the system’s functionality under a Phase One Critical Item Development. Teledyne’s Role • Design, Analysis, and Documentation of the SWCS – Mechanical and electrical design – Control system design – Ballast system design – Breathing air system design – Software design – Sensor interface design – Human factors design – Structural analyses – Reliability analyses – Provisioning analyses • Manufacture of Components and Subsystems – Metal machining and forming – Composite fabrication – Electronics fabrication – Subsea cable fabrication • Assembly and Integration of the Complete SWCS • Testing of the SWCS System – Component level – Subsystem level – System level – In-water testing --Controlled water --Open water --Utilizes Teledyne and customer dive teams • Contractor Logistics Support – Organizational level – Depot-level repair and overhaul – Part sparing and supply ​