Teledyne Brown Engineering has rich and successful history of providing full lifecycle solutions for both Government and Commercial programs for over 65 years.

Our Company was the first high-technology firm established in Huntsville Alabama to assist Wernher von Braun and his rocket team in developing the Redstone Rocket. The Company’s leadership founded Cummings Research Park the second-largest research park in the United States, where Teledyne Brown Engineering is still located today.

The Company’s doors opened as Alabama Engineering and Tool on July 1, 1953. It became Brown Engineering Company in 1956. When Teledyne Incorporated purchased Brown Engineering, the Company was renamed Teledyne Brown Engineering. During the 1990s, Teledyne merged with Allegheny Ludlum and was later made part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated in 1999. Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. became the foundation of the Engineered Systems Segment of Teledyne Technologies when it was formed in 2010.

Teledyne Brown Engineering has supported essentially every major U.S. space initiative, beginning with Jupiter and extending through the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Constellation programs, and Space Launch System (SLS). We have also provided services and specialty hardware for the European Space Agency and the Russian and Japanese space programs. We are the primary contractor supporting NASA’s critical payload operations integration function as well as ongoing microgravity research and development efforts. Today, we’re expanding the commercial side of our space business with the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing, or MUSES, an Earth-observation platform that was be installed on the exterior of the International Space Station and support up to four remote sensing instruments, or other payloads, simultaneously.

In support of national defense programs, Teledyne Brown Engineering has worked on nearly every U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense program, including Nike-X; Safeguard; the Strategic Defense Initiative; the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program; and, now, the Ballistic Missile Defense System, including our development of the Objective Simulation Framework.

Our company is also supported by our work in the Power and Energy markets. For over 50 years, we have supported power plants, research facilities, and the Department of Energy (DOE) with radiological analysis and nuclear manufacturing. Our high level of quality standards and certifications, including NQA-1,​​​ have given us capabilities to successfully supply complex hardware and systems to the nuclear industry for decades.

Leveraging our work in harsh environment, high barrier to entry fields, Teledyne Brown Engineering has built an expansive portfolio of work in the marine market to include the oil and gas industry. We have successfully provided hardware for the Littoral Combat Ship, mine counter measure hardware, and marine systems and vehicles for both commercial and government applications.

For over six decades, our strength in both engineering and manufacturing has distinguished us from others in competing industries. Teledyne Brown Engineering continues to be a leader in providing innovative systems engineering, integration, operations and advanced manufacturing solutions. ​​